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We know that exercise can be a brilliant way of improving your joint pain and having some extra bits of equipment to progress things and change up your routine can be really helpful. That said, when you start looking online it can be difficult to know where to start!


I've put together a list of equipment that not only I recommend, but also use on a regular basis. You may have seen some of it in the YouTube videos. Take a look below and let me know if you have any questions.

Keeping Your Joints Supple & Strong! 

'Extra Comfy' Yoga Mat

This extra thick 15mm yoga mat from JLL is perfect for anyone who is worried about kneeling with their knee pain or who finds it uncomfortable lying on the floor. I comes in a variety of colours, it's smooth and easy to clean. It also comes with a strap so you can roll it up, out of the way or sling it over your shoulder to take it to your exercise class. I have one myself and think it is exceptional value for money.

The biggest issue is, you won't want to get off it!

'The Must Have' Exercise Step

If you have completed any of the joint friendly workouts on my YouTube Channel you'll know that I love 'step ups' as an exercise for knee & hip pain.

You can certainly use your bottom step at home, but if you're keen on getting a specific exercise step then this will do the job. It comes with two adjustable levels, so when you've mastered the 10cm height you can increase to the 15cm height to really get those knee & hips working. It even comes with a free mat to prevent it from slipping.

It's such a common thing that people with knee & hip pain struggle with so it's important that you practise!

'Cheap & Cheerful' Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are such unbelievably, great value for money. You have a selection of 5 resistance bands ranging from light resistance all the way up to xx-heavy, to really feel that burn. Not only that, they come with a small black bag so they are easy to store together, whether they are for the gym or at home. 

Resistance bands are a great way to challenge yourself when you start to find body weight exercise too easy. If that wasn't enough, once you've got them you'll be able to complete the resistance band work outs on my YouTube Channel 😉 

'Space Friendly' Adjustable Weights

Strength exercise is excellent to improve joint pain and after you've been practising for a while, the likelihood is body weight alone just isn't enough.

I love these adjustable weights from Proiron because they provide so much scope for progression & regression of exercises without having a whole rack of weights, which are often super expensive and take up loads of space. They also come with and additional bar so if you did want to complete your step ups, squats, split squats and dead lifts with a bar bell then you can screw it on and away you go.

p.s. they start off with as little as 0.5 kg x 2, don't let that picture put you off! 

'Good Looking' Kettlebells

Now there are not many sets of kettlebells that you can genuinely say 'look good' but this set of kettlebells that come in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg & 10kg kettlebells certainly do just that. They have a unique soft & squidgy design to prevent floor damage and skin abrasion and have a wider handle to make it easier to grip with both hands. 

These are perfect if you want to add a little extra weight to your step ups, squats, dead lifts, swings or split squats. You could get a pair of the same or a selection of different weights so that you can progress your exercise effectively.

'The Perfect' Gym Ball

Using a gym ball as part of your weekly exercise can add a bit of variation to your exercise whilst being fun too. There are soo many bridge, plank & press up variations you can try, that will give you a whole body workout. It's great for working on core, hip and lower limb strength, as well as improving balance and proprioception.

I've got this gym ball from Trideer which I love. It's puncture resistant, super thick and has a non slip surface to give you every chance of staying on top 😁

'A Bit More Easy On The Kneesy Than Walking' Exercise Bike

We tend to think about exercise for joint pain specifically with reference to the affected joint, but we need to think about the affect our joint pain is having on our general health as well. We should all be completing at least, 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week but his can be tricky if walking briskly has become painful. 

Consider off loading your affected joint whilst still being able to get your heart rate up and get a sweat on with this indoor bike from Sunny Health. There certainly are cheaper options available on the market but this heavy duty bike, with adjustable resistance, and adjustable seat & handlebars is robust enough to withstand the most vigorous of workouts!

'If You're Looking For An Easier, Easy On The Kneesy Option' Recumbent Bike

If sitting upright on a static bike sounds too challenging or you don't fancy any standing cycles then this recumbent bike could be a great alternative. 

It's another robust product from Sunny Health that will still get you burning calories with the 8 level magnetic resistance. It has wheels at the end so you can move it around easily and the handles at the side double up as pulse sensors that you'll be able to view on the digital display. 

'Your Last, Easy On The Kneesy Option' Cross Trainer

If cycling isn't your thing then using a cross trainer is pretty much the same movement pattern as walking, just without the repetitive landing & loading. Another great way to get the heart rate up and get those 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week - why not try some intervals!

On the display you'll be able to check which level of resistance you are on, from the 8 available, whilst also taking a look at your pulse rate which is taken from the sensors on the handle bars. At around £100 at time of writing, this represents exceptional value for money and won't take up too much space either. 

'The Lets Get Squatting' Home Suspension Straps

Another way to change up your weekly work outs is to get a pair of these suspension straps. There are an abundance of exercises you can do with them full a full body workout. The reason I like them so much for joint pain is, if you are finding it too painful to complete body weight squats or lunges then holding on to these for some extra support can make it so much more manageable. Both of these movement patterns need to be practised in order for you to get through the day as easily as possible and these suspension belts can be a great way to get you started. 

You just hang them over a door at home, or even around a tree in the garden and away you go!

'The Just Keep Moving' Hiking Poles

If you love walking and/or hiking then these hiking poles from TrailBuddy might keep you going for that bit longer. Nordic walking or hiking can be a step down from the running you used to do and it's that bit easier on the hips and knees. That said, still a brilliant way to load your joints and get that much needed cardiovascular exercise. 

These walking poles come in 8 different colours (the important part) and are light weight, durable and sturdy. They even come with four different interchangeable pole accessories so you can use them on any terrain.

Important Legal Notice: This page contains affiliate links.  Genuine Physio Ltd is compensated for referring sales to Amazon. While I always do my best to be honest and only recommend the products and services I actually use, I want to be fully transparent about my relationship with this affiliate program.

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