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I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do!

The internet is plagued with poorly evidenced, misinformation about low back pain so I've put a page together with the sort of information you should be looking at if you have low back pain 😀


The Back Pain Podcast - Rob & Dave talk all things self help for all types of low back pain

Empowered Beyond Pain Podcast - Body Logic Physiotherapy discuss back pain myths and provide practical advice for all things back pain.

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Professor Peter O'Sullivan - Back Pain: Separating Fact From Fiction - Professor Peter O'Sullivan discusses the problem that healthcare has created when it comes to low back pain

Myths About Low Back Pain: Part 1 - Kevin Wernli discusses some all too common myths surrounding low back pain.

Myths About Low Back Pain: Part 2 - Kevin Wernli discusses some all too common myths surrounding low back pain.

Should I Have An MRI For My Low Back Pain - A video taking you through when it is appropriate to have a scan for your low back pain.

MRI Findings & Low Back Pain - Prof Anne Smith, Prof Mark Hancock, Prof Peter O’Sullivan, Assoc. Prof Peter Kent discuss the current evidence behind MRI scans and low back pain.


10 Back Pain Facts: Patient Stories -  A brilliant video with some real life stories of how people improved their low back pain.

Lorimer Moseley - Why Things Hurt - Dr Lorimer Moseley explains how the pain process works

Lorimer Moseley - Pain, The Brain And Your Amazing Protectometer - Dr Lorimer Moseley is one of the leading pain scientists in the world. In this video he talks about how the pain process works.

Lorimer Moseley - The Role Of The Brain In Chronic Pain - Dr Lorimer Moseley discusses the brains role in chronic pain

Permission To Move - Three Easy Steps To Recover From Chronic Pain: Dave Moen founder of 'The The Beast' discusses how to move with persistent pain. 

Tame The Beast - It's Time To Rethink Persistent Pain - A 5 minute video explaining persistent pain with Dr Lorimer Moseley.

Persistent Pain Explained In 3 Minutes - Adriaan Louw explains persistent pain in 3 minutes.

Understanding Pain In Less Than 5 Minutes - A 5 minute explanation of persistent pain.

The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy: Back Pain Management - The CSP discuss hot to manage an acute episode of low back pain.

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